The History of the Batmobile

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The "Hush" Batmobiles Contest

Batmobiles from Hush

Just before we were introduced to the new Batmobile during the "Hush" storyline, Jim Lee treated fans to a two-page spread of the Bat Cave featuring several Batmobiles from Batman's history, arranged on a massive carousel stretching into the distance. Although some had been stylized more than others, they were all based on cars that had appeared at one time or another in the Dark Knight's past:

  1. 1995 Batman Forever Movie
  2. 1940 Detective Comics #37
  3. 1989 Batman Movie
  4. 1950 Detective Comics #156
  5. 1997 Batman & Robin Movie
  6. 1992 Batman: The Animated Series
  7. 1987 Batman #408
  8. 1941 Batman #5
  9. 1966 Batman TV Show
  10. 2003 Batman #609

Congratulations to Nate and Ryan, winners of the first Batmobile giveaway! They each won a 1/18 scale Corgi Batmobile, based on the car that premiered in the same issue as the carousel. Watch for more Batmobile giveaways coming soon!