The History of the Batmobile

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1986 Batmobile

John Byrne helmed the post-Crisis origin of Superman story in 1986's Man of Steel miniseries. Along with a retelling of Superman's origins and early career, issue #3 was devoted to his first meeting with Batman. Their different styles put them at odds at first, but Batman was able to show Superman that his style is what's needed in Gotham City. As they work together to track down Magpie, Batman retires to this Batmobile to do some investigative work.

The design of the car is based on the design that first appeared in 1970, and then returned in 1977. This time, the car has been updated for the time with a longer hood and "flying buttress" rear window. The car is definitely more than standard transportation, though: its trunk had been converted into a portable crime lab (Batman noets that it's "one of the most advanced such labs in the state").

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