The History of the Batmobile

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1995 Batmobile

Kelley Jones had previously worked on DC Elseworlds titles such as Red Rain and Batman: Dark Joker the Wild, as well as covers during the Knightfall series. Jones' first work as a penciler in Batman was issue #515, and his first in-universe Batmobile appeared on the title page of Batman #516, which began the storyline "Sleeper."

Unlike the sleek sports cars and futuristic machines that were typically used for Batmobiles at the time, Jones created a distinctly "retro" look with fat fenders, a spotlight atop a bubble dome canopy, a forward bat mask, and a single rear fin. The car is much more compact than the old cars, generally drawn as a single-seater (and often with a hulking Batman nearly filling the cabin).

The "Golden Age" inspiration was similarly used by Barbara Ling when she designed the Batman Forever car that same year, and would be continued in vaarying degrees by other comic artists.

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