The History of the Batmobile

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Batmobile Myths:Norm Breyfogle's Batmobile


Claim: The famous "spaceship" Batmobiles drawn by Norm Breyfogle were originally based on the Lamborghini Countach.

Status: True

Origin: Comic artist Norm Breyfogle is well known for his iconic portrayal of Batman. He is also known for creating one of Batman's more radical cars, a powerful-looking machine that eschewed all previous designs yet was immediately recognizable as a Batmobile. Fans are often surprised to learn that early on, his design used a very real (albeit exotic) car for inspiration: the Lamborghini Countach. More specifically, the 25th anniversary Countach, which had the high-rise boot and longitudinal vents on the redesigned air boxes. Although the Batmobile quickly evolved to include larger, more curvaceous air boxes and much more exaggerated features, the above images show the lineage between the Countach and Breyfogle's design.